About Us

Hi, I'm Jorge Montero! A New York wedding and portrait photographer. Ever since I can remember, I loved arts and sciences. I loved drawing and painting but above all things I considered myself a storyteller. Photography has become my medium of storytelling and I am passionate about documenting love story's.


Niza, my better half, and I try and tell your story with the most important moments written with light, love and a measure of passion that every couple deserves.I love photography because it keeps me in touch with my younger self; when life was fun, creative, and inspiring. This has shaped my style of photography and I try and create positive experiences for my clients so they can focus on the things that really matter on your special day.




If you believe that those precious moments are worth as much as we think they are, that they will build memories and tell stories that will last the rest of your life, then we are here to give you the passion and dedication that is needed and we know you are looking for.

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